Guidelines & Policies

Here are the guidelines and park policies. We want everyone who comes to have a fun and safe time. Please watch out for yourselves and each other. We are a big family and we need to preserve our fantastic playground in the ancient oaks! ~ Harmony Park


  • Be Kind
  • No Glass(bottles, etc.)
  • No Outside Fire Wood (sorry about the wood… but there is a regional health risk to the oak trees from foreign wood)
  • Swimming is not allowed
  • Help Your Neighbors
  • No climbing of trees or structures at any time (Tree Tents are not allowed)
  • No drumming or amplified music after 1am
  • Only approved fire performers are allowed to spin
  • Only approved vehicles allowed in the park (to protect tree root systems)
  • Spread the Love that’s in your heart
  • All Local, State, and Federal laws will apply


  • REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES – We are encouraging people to bring their own reusable water bottles. There will be water station in the park where you can re-fill water bottles free of charge. Thank you for your support in this as we try to more towards less waste in the park for the benefit of Mother Earth.
  • RECYCLE! – Throughout the festival we will be handing out trash and recycling bags.  Please use the black bag for trash and the clear bag for recycling.  Please put all your recycling in the clear bag.  When they are full please put them beside the road in the morning and we will swing by and pick them up.  We will also hand out more bags through out the weekend!  Recycle Recycle Recycle:)
  • Please take the time to throw away your cigarette butts into the garbage cans provided.
  • PACK LIGHT – Remember your only here for 3 days.  Plus your not camping with your car so what you bring in you will have to carry in.
  • CARPOOL – Great way to cut down on gas costs and pollution.  Plus it’s more fun.  It’s a win-win!
  • REUSE – Bring reusable plates and utensils. Saves you money and the planet will love you for it!


  • THURSDAY EARLY CAMPING:  Gates will open at 3 PM for Early Camping on Thursday, May 23.  $30 can be paid in advance or at the gate upon arrival.
  • FRI, SAT & SUN ADMISSION:  Gate for General Admission opens at 10am on Friday.  There will be no more entrance into the festival after 9pm on Sunday.
  • MONDAY: The campground will close at noon on Monday.
  • There is NO EARLY CAMPING on Wednesday  (It is for pre-approved staff only)


  • Your wristband will allow you to leave the festival and return.
  • You must have your wristband on your wrist in order to get back in.
  • Do not take off your wristband.


  • FEE – A $10 parking fee per car.
  • CARPOOL – Great way to cut down on costs and pollution.


  • Use of illegal drugs in not permitted.  Anyone using illegal drugs will be subject to removal from the event and will not be allowed back in.
  • Please behave responsibly.  The promoters are not responsible for attendees actions.
  • There will be emergency medical personnel and a security team onsite around the clock.  Near the Food Vendors just behind Kiddie Village.


  • ID – All people over 17 must show a Valid Driver’s License or State ID to get in. Anyone under 18 or without a Driver’s License must be accompanied by a legal guardian. (This means by law it has to be the parents… not an uncle or older friend. The legal guardian also must be attending the event as well for the same length of time as the minor.)
  • DRINKING AGE – If you would like to consume alcohol, you must present a valid drivers license at the gate verifying you are over the age of 21. If you do not have a 21+ wristband, you are not allowed to drink anywhere on the property. This is a zero tolerance policy and you will kicked out of the event without refund and without warning. We have the right to refuse permission to drink to any one of any age. Please drink responsibly.


  • CONSUMPTION – Reasonable amounts of alcoholic beverages for personal consumption only may be permitted into the camping areas if you of legal age (21+).  Security reserves the right to deny entrance to anyone they deem as bringing in an unreasonble amount.
  • CONTAINERS – Glass bottles are not allowed.  Kegs are not allowed.
  • AGE – People under 21 are not allowed to drink at the festival.
  • Be responsible and do not drink and drive.


  • NO PETS – Sorry!  We do love pets but we have to keep them at home.  People who show up with a pet will be directed to a kennel in Albert Lea.
  • SERVICE ANIMALS – Only Service Animals which have been trained to provide assistance to an individual with a disability are allowed.  Emotional Support Animals are not allowed. In accordance with ADA guidelines, service dogs must be leashed at all times unless the tasks they perform require them to be unleashed, in which case they must be under the control of their owner at all times.  Also, in accordance with ADA guidelines, if a Service Animal acts unruly or is determined to be a risk to other patrons, the animal may be asked to leave the premises. To learn more about the ADA guidelines and if your animal qualifies, please visit this website.


Kids 12 and under have free admittance into the festival.  You may be asked to present proof of age (such as a birth certificate)


Due to local sound ordinance, that there can be NO DRUMMING or AMPLIFIED music in the park after 1am on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and 10pm on Thursday.


  • Be welcoming and nice to everyone. Hug your neighbors and get to know them!  Make friendships that will last a life time.
  • Drink water and stay hydrated!
  • Try not to lose your keys or lock them in your car.  We can get a tow truck there but it will be expensive for you.  Lost and Found is either located at the front gate or the bar.
Visit the Harmony Park Website to see more details on the park rules and regulations.