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an improvement in the condition or strength of something


The Revival Team would like to thank you for your support in previous years and your continued patience this year.
Unfortunately, as we continue to monitor the ongoing situation things have not trended in our favor, and we have made the difficult decision to postpone this festival to Memorial Day Weekend, 2021.

The reality that we are facing is there is no practical way to create a safe festival environment during this health scare. Our original postponement was done with the hope that July would have given sufficient time for the community, at large, to advance through this crisis. With each passing day, it has become more apparent that this is not the case.

We would like you all to understand that to Useful Jenkins and the Revival Team, this is more than just a festival. Harmony Park represents 20 years of family, 20 years of sunsets, and 20 years of bringing like minded people together to celebrate life, art, and culture. We would like to extend our appreciation for the role you play, as attendees, in creating the culture which people have grown to know and love.

You may have heard that arts organizations are being devastated by this crisis – Revival and Harmony Park are no exception.  While there will not be a Revival festival this year, there are still ongoing maintenance and staffing costs for both Harmony Park and our team at Groove Productions.  It is for these reasons that your support is still critical.

We are offering the following incentives for those that are able to purchase tickets to next year this far in advance as our way of saying Thank You! Each ticket holder can pick one of the following for each festival ticket purchased (This does not include each add on purchased).

– 1 Collector Shirt featuring the festival line-up from Revival 2020 that never happened
– 1 Free upgrade of your choice (while supplies last):
Harmonium camping (applies to entire ticket group)
Early camping
Dinner’s package
Preferred Parking Spot

Every ticket holder that is able to roll their ticket to our 2021 dates will be automatically added to our new Harmony Hometeam and will receive a swag bag upon arrival at Harmony Park next spring for Revival.  The swag bag will include a collector patch that says Harmony Hometeam, Harmony Park branded merchandise, and other exclusive
items as a show of our continued thanks for your support.

Click on the ‘Purchase Tickets’ tab along the top of the home page to show your support.  Already have a ticket but want to help more?  Pick up some merch from the Festy Store.  Revival Merch looks great all year long!

This too shall pass. Stay safe, stay sane, and we will see you under the oaks in 2021!


restoration of life, consciousness, vigor, strength; to live again

Join us on Memorial weekend at the Legendary Harmony Park Music Garden for Revival Music Festival. REVIVAL is an intimate, diverse musical affair, with its primary focus on improvisational funky grooves, jam sessions, string pickers and epic storytellers of all types!  It is our intention to create a peaceful playful energy that inspires individuals to share their magic. By limiting the size of these gatherings we allow the subtle spirits of “Home” to come out and dance with us. Its enough of a treat just to be “Home”… that we get to be in celebration with so much talent and kind family is indeed a blessing…

welcome home

welcome home